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About Baltics
Are you old enough to remember Baltic yacht's full page ads on the back cover of Sail Magazine. It always featured the latest and best from the Baltic yard. Today they are turning out superyachts .

Ferenc Mate's book, "world best yachts" featured Baltic yachts. " There are small pockets in the world where the Building of modern sailboats has reached the level of true art., were small groups of creative men have gathered the native talents of a region to build the finest sailboats in the world"

I believe the Owner selling his Baltic, Vilma said it best,
"Why Baltic?

Why would you buy a 30 year old boat, when you could get something substantially newer for the same investment? Why would you buy a heavy displacement boat from the infamous IOR-era, when you could get a lighter, faster more spacious sled? Why would you buy something with a genoa and a large masthead spin, when you could opt for a modern sailplan with a jib and a code zero? Yes, why?

Well, precision makes perfect the say. They do all those little things, extra efforts they think are important, but forget to tell their clients about it. They are proud of what they do. I get a feeling they were and are in the yacht business because of what it is, not for marketing reasons. Everything in the boat is there for a reason. Everything is optimized in one way or another, from a functional and esthetical perspective. They have gone from “a pioneering past, to a customized future”. 

Baltics are not for everyone. Why would you care for fibers being unidirectional? Why would you care for glass floor grids and longitudinal and spreading of the chain plate load longitudinally? Why would you care for a boat, where loads have been calculated already 30-40 years ago to make a boat that’s strong, stiff and light? Well, if you question it, then it’s not for you my friend. 

I like all those thoughts and I like my boat. I like to know that someone has made this boat as well as he could and on top of that, he was the contemporary connoisseur of yacht building. Nothing is compromised. Nothing is done because of marketing reasons. And not making a fuss about it. I like the fact, that they remember me several times a year with newsletters, magazines and greetings just because I have an old boat made by their mentors. They know I won’t buy a custom multimillion-euro carbon yacht, but still I get an answer promptly every time I hassle them with an email and a mundane question. They are proud of what they do and have done. I guess we all should do things with the same mentality, no matter how insignificant they seem. That’s why!

Freyja is up for sale, as the previous post eluded. She is a fast and roomy boat, with excellent sailing capabilities. She excels particularly in light winds, with headwinds being her forte. She doesn't suffer from IOR-oddities, but benefits from a lean waterline especially aft, making her easy to steer. She doesn't plane, but is very stable surfing in heavy seas. This is the boat for you, both for cruising and racing. Thoroughly equipped, ready to go anywhere